IA – expozitie la Viena, Austria (iulie 2015)

“IA – The Second Skin” is a project of FIVE PLUS Art Gallery in collaboration with architect and fashion designer Ioana Corduneanu dedicated to the Romania traditional blouse.

Its significance, not only for the national Romanian identity, but also a heritage: spiritual, sociological, historical, artistic – of great value, will be presented to the public. Our guests were invited to take part in a unusual journey, decoding ancient symbols, admiring old, rare blouses and discovering modern interpretations.

Images – printed on boards and banners will align along a fence, outdoor public spaces, an intriguing mix between ancient and modern, our call to action and our slogans will invite people to play the game (treasure-hunting) and become part of the story. They will be able to finally meet the real objects, to be able to touch them, enjoy their texture, will be able to wear them and take photo to capture the moment. They will also be invited to take part in our workshop and learn how to make such a blouse, using traditional techniques and find out or remember the joy of creating art with your own hands. Visitors can buy a KIT with everything they need to make their own blouse. The models we will work with will be selected from Ing. Erich Kolbenheyer’s Album, as we want to honour his efforts.” Ioana Corduneanu

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