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Driven by passion, tempered by method, I have the ambition to create an Encyclopedia of the Romanian Blouse, called IE. Because I like it and I’m drawing like a sewing-machine: precise and fast. Architect as profession, I activate in retail design and I created hundreds of shops. The one who can design hundreds of shops can also handle designing hundreds of blouse models, no matter how intricate. It takes no special talent, except discipline.
So, who am I?
I am the great-granddaughter of Maria from Bucovina: wife of a mayor and very talented, especially in mixing colors. She designed IE models for all the women around. She taught my grandmother how to make them too. My grandmother was Eugenia and she passed away when I was only 9, but not before teaching me a lot.
I am also the great-granddaughter of Ana and of Alexandrina, from Gorj. They had a life of plenty, that many would envy (well, before the Communist nightmare). They taught my mother the art of embroidery:“You will never have to use a needle. Some other women will work for you. But you need to learn, because you must know the effort they do and understand how much you should pay”.
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